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The First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor


We fund various non-for-profits in the area that focus on shelter, food, and health resources. Our missions and outreach committee is constantly evaluating the needs of our community and world, together with our ability to meet these needs through the awareness and action. 

M&O Infographic

Another way we support our missions and outreach efforts is through the scrip program. Scrip gift cards are an alternative form of payment that is much like a personal check or credit card. It is a dollar-to-dollar redemption. In other words, $50 cash or check buys a $50 gift card. We purchase the cards at a discounted price. The companies then donate 2%-15% or more of the value of the card purchased and that percentage is retained by us as revenue for mission and service work. Cash and carry scrip cards are available in the Mayflower Lobby on Sunday mornings.