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How Do You Spend Your Soul?

Recently, I’ve been reading a book called “The Best Yes”, written by Lisa Terkeurst.  She writes about the difference between saying yes to everybody around you and saying yes to God – the difference between trying to please those around us and truly trying to love those around us, with a Christ-like love. A chapter that […]


I must confess that in our current world context it is sometimes hard to think of positives. So it was very nice recently to hear some good news from a person who has struggled for quite a while to find a job and has finally found one. This particular person reentered the job market after […]

Before I die I want to…

The chalkboard walls loom high on state st, in front of our main entrance to our church. The walls demands our attention be averted from our daily grind of schedules and to-dos; of classes and work, exams and deadlines, children and budgets, and you wanted us to exercise when? In the midst of the rat […]

Kick-Off Sunday

I love the fall season! I love cooler temperatures, leaves changing colors, and local farmer markets filled with fresh vegetables and fruits…And, of course, I love football! In particular, I love living near the Big House where I can hear the animated sounds of the marching band on football days and the roar of cheering […]

Unnoticed Gifts

Recently, my husband and I were hiking one of the trails at Pinckney State Park. As we walked along, I looked at my feet and the path ahead of me, making sure not to trip or stumble. We walked and talked and, as my husband is in his first year of his medical residency, we […]

Sounds of church

I had the last Sunday off. Pastors don’t get many of these, and this particular Sunday off I was not traveling or far from home. In fact, I was prepping for a five year olds birthday bash so if ever there was a time I needed church it was now. Off I went to my […]


My wife, Laura, and I had the good fortune of being able to travel west to Montana in July and enjoy the amazing beauty of Glacier National Park where we have come to love the wildness and magnificence of the mountains and forests. It was wonderful trip. On one particularly rainy day, Laura and I […]

Photojournalism Exhibit at FCC

The gaze. It is the gaze of generation of young people who have witnessed the systemic injustice, the heartbreak, the abuse, and the neglect that children have endured. This gaze is not a gaze of hopelessness. These people, arm and arm, have not given into despair. They have met the harsh reality that the solution […]