How Do You Spend Your Soul?

Recently, I’ve been reading a book called “The Best Yes”, written by Lisa Terkeurst.  She writes about the difference between saying yes to everybody around you and saying yes to God – the difference between trying to please those around us and truly trying to love those around us, with a Christ-like love.

A chapter that really resonated with me was entitled, “Overwhelmed Schedule, Underwhelmed Soul”. In this chapter, Terkeurst talks about how too often we overbook ourselves to the point of not being able to really invest in anything we’ve committed to. We aren’t able to sit and savor time with those we love because we are worried about being late to our next engagement. We aren’t able to utilize the gifts and talents that God has given us because we are concerned with trying to present ourselves in a way that pleases them. We aren’t able to listen because we are thinking about what we will say next. After bouncing from commitment to commitment each day, we end up feeling poured out rather than filled up. Terkeurst puts it: “Remember the decisions you make determine the schedule you keep. The schedule you keep determines the life you live. And how you live your life determines how you spend your soul.”

Have you ever felt that way? How do you spend your soul? 


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