Church School at FCC

    We are so excited about the start of Church School this fall at FCC! We have had so many excited, enthusiastic, eager children worshiping with us these past few weeks!

    I recently read that about 75% of Americans would consider themselves Christians.  Additionally, 80% of those people choose to follow Jesus before they even leave 6th grade! If I am doing the math correctly, that means that about 60 out of every 100 people decide to follow Christ before they even reach high school!

    Church School is so important in the lives of these kids. We want church school to be a place where kids feel loved and valued – where they experience the light of Christ each week. 

    Recently, our congregation filled out surveys about the strengths of our Church School program and any changes they would like to see. From these results, we’ve come up with a “Mission Statement” for our Church School program.

At FCC, we want our church school to be a place where:

-kids feel safe and loved

-families deepen their relationships with God and with one another

-kids experience the joy of Christ through fun, engaging lessons

-all people are given opportunities to worship God through music, serving others, and learning about         their identity as Christians.

    Through this mission statement, we hope to make decisions that will help our Children establish and develop a meaningful relationship with Christ.  Thank you all for being a part of this growth!

-Sarah Chaffee, Director of Christian Education

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