Before I die I want to…

The chalkboard walls loom high on state st, in front of our main entrance to our church. The walls demands our attention be averted from our daily grind of schedules and to-dos; of classes and work, exams and deadlines, children and budgets, and you wanted us to exercise when? In the midst of the rat race we are asked to consider what really matters. Life and death matters. In all the to-dos that crowd our lists, what is most important to do before we die? 

The answers on the boards are inspiring. I want to love my body. I want to tell my brother I’m sorry. I want to save a life. I want to be a mom. 

I try to remember what chapter of life I was in as an undergrad and what I might have written on the wall. Probably something like, I want to earn a PhD or I want to live in a big city. Neither happened. And yet my answers today would be completely different. The beauty of our location and the inter-generational nature of the church is that we share in all life chapters. We can glean the wisdom and dreams from this wall as we consider our own purposes and how we are living them out. 

If you haven’t yet walked in front of our church on state st. I urge you to do so. And as you walk, ask yourself, what is it i want to do before I die? We have been blessed with the gift of life and time, and that is not a blessing to be taken lightly. May you make the most of the life God has granted. Step off the treadmill just for 2 minutes and think bigger. I think you’ll be glad you did.  

Darcy Crain-Polly
Associate Minister, FCC

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